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29 November 2006


my name is daniel bulli, i am 32, i am a yardie (means jamaican), i am a web geek, with a great eye for design. and i believe a good attitude is contagious…

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Resume with sample work: daniel-bulli.pdf

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here is a partial list of some of my skills in rand() order…


the deeper me

what to put here? i will just put stuff i like to do, stuff i have done, and other random crap, and i do mean crap.

my favorite sport is badminton. yes you heard right!! i also like tennis,table tennis, squash and racquetball, but bad comes first. i now play at harvard badminton club [i designed that site].

sadly i think golf is taking over for badminton. it’s such a stupid game too. snowboarding ain’t far behind either (if it weren’t for the coldness of it). to think that 60 degrees was approximately the coldest weather i have seen before i came to boston.

you can’t knock something till you try it, right?

i have skydived, i mean foolishly jumped out of a working plane, white water rafting on a category 5, jet rafting in montreal, jumped off a 30 foot cliff. basically i will try anything once …

i love movies, comedies, drama, action, chick flicks (yes), anime, karate, basically anything, my movie standards are pretty low. i love to party, go clubbing (especially if reggae is involved), listen to music (reggae, r&b, soul, classical, jazz, rap, oldies, hate opera & country) .

i love pets, especially dogs, and no reptiles. i love my my family, my job, my friends, girls, beer/alcohol, food (even though i am so skinny),girls, wait i said that already. i love seeing someone laugh and enjoying themselves it is such a great feeling.

as nerdy as it is, i like to program, i like chess, scrabble, mah jong, checkers, ps2, i like people in general, i do hate hypocrites with a passion. i have no problem with people hating me, just be honest.

i guess i am a normal human being like you.

if you got this far i commend you!!


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