dannyb in jamaica
30 November 2006


jamaica has a population of approximately 2.4 million and is the third largest caribbean island. we have many natural beauties which are known for and which our economy depends .


there is another side which includes politcs, poverty, and allot of other stuff, just like any other place, which many of you will never see !!!!

our national motto: out of many one people
our national bird: the doctor bird
our national dish: ackee
our national anthem: eternal father
our national pledge: before god and all mankind

jamaicans are proud, honest, hardworking people, but few give us a bad name, and we are therefore stereotyped BUT as a majority … we are truly IRIE !!!

our music is typically reggae, and my favorite, and while i like bob marley and others who paved the way for curent artists, i am more into current reaggae, also known as dancehall.

i have tried in the past to keep a list of links by checking the web, but i will leave that task to someone else as there is too much crap to go thru to fine worthwhile stuff, this site may not even be worthwhile. i will however provide links, and personal websites of carribean people, both which i have collected from what people have submitted to me.


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