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I got no design skills, hell I am probably not that technically proficient. My grammar is also pretty bad... Regardless, I hope you enjoy.

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6.04.05 ::: Rx for Survival

Rx for Survival

A small elegant site done entirely in CSS.

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3.04.05 ::: Pope Timeline

Pope Timeline

A nice timeline of the Pope’s life, if I do say so myself!

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22.03.05 ::: Back from Aspen

Self Potrait at Aspen

Well … I am back, and with allot of pics .. so here it is in mass production with Picasa 2

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9.03.05 ::: No updates, but things in pipeline…

Well work has been keeping me busy… sorry
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9.03.05 ::: C’mon Spring !

Well, Boston seems to be snowing again and again…
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9.03.05 ::: My Sony DSC-P200

Sony DSC-P200

Out with the old and in with the new.

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23.01.05 ::: So much snow !

1+ hours digging and car still in the snow !! When I warm up I will try and take more pictures of how much snow…
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19.01.05 ::: Cooking Under Fire

Cooking Under Fire

A small site for cooking reality show.

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19.01.05 ::: Antiques Roadshow FYI

Antiques Roadshow FYI

A small preview site for a new series on PBS.

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19.01.05 ::: iShuffle or not

85% of the time I don’t need an LCD Display, does that make it ok not to have one?
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