golden ganpati

Got a new 50MM 1.8 D lens … so started to play … what a great $100 spent

Gabby - I am an uncle again !


Second nephew in 2008 …

Life over ... married !


Damn life over … married

Ziddy - I am an uncle


Can’t believe I am an uncle !!

Waiting for subway, NYC

Waiting for Subway

Took this photo while Rusha was waiting on subway in NYC

Berries - Arnold Arboretum, Boston

Berries - Arnold Arboretum

Don’t think they are edible, but what a great color …

Flower Bud - Arnold Arboretum, Boston

Flower Bud - Arnold Arboretum

Took this flower bud while at the Arboretum, before i had to send my camera off for fixing …

I am an Uncle !!

My first nephew … ZIDAN !

Painting at MOMA, NYC

Picture in MOMA

Does taking a picture of art constitute art?

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