Granny Bling Bling

Granny Westside !! -- Bombay, India

It’s a high ISO photo, so not great quality, but soo funny … she had no idea …

Waterfalls, Flume Gorge, NH

Falls at Flume Gorge

Lovely waterfalls in New Hampshire … took a few shots and liked it much butter with slow shutter speed.

Tree roots over rock, Flume Gorge, NH

Treet roots on rock at flume gorge

Tree seed on rock … roots grow around the rock looking to survive. Cool.

Boston Marathon 2008 - Old Man

Boston marathon 2008 old man

God knows I can’t run to save my life. So seeing this guy brings nothing but utmost respect…

Boston Marathon 2008 - Thor !

Boston marathon thor

Went out and watched a little of the boston marathon in cleveland circle, and was clicking away … i love how happy this person is.

Two storks in Florida

Storks in Florida

I took a picture of these two storks in the rain … I love the inadvertent effect of the two heads almost blending together…

Iguana + Bird in Florida

Iguana + Lizard in FLorida

Iguanas look like dinosaurs to me … damn they are ugly, yet something beautiful about them !

Curious Cat, Goa - India

Cat in GOA

While outside our hotel I saw his cat … I loved how it turned out…

Rajasthani woman vendor, Goa - India

Rajasthani women seeling in Goa, India

Rajasthani people wear the most colorful clothes I saw in India. Next India trip I would love to go there.

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