Tollund Man  - 4th century B.C.

Tollund Man . NOVA . The Perfect Corpse

A flash piece that allows you to explore the most famous bog body in the world (2,400-year-old!!!).

A Masterpiece Revealed . NOVA . scienceNOW

A Masterpiece Revealed

A small flash piece that allows you to explore a 2,000-year-old mural, one of the greatest discoveries of ancient Maya art ever found.

Division of Sleep Medicine at Harvard

harvard division of sleep

a very comprehensive CMS. site itself is very elegant, and there is always a worry when you can’t control all design aspects. great looking site and solid css/xhtml.

Frontline: Age of Aids - HIV/AIDS Atlas

Age of Aids : HIV/AIDS Atlas

An Flash MX atlas showing HIV/AIDS across the world.

Rx for Survival: Broadcast Site

Rx for Survival - Broadcast Site

Broadcast site for Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge

Seems like this has consumed me for 9 months … now the final site is live.

Time Warp Trio: Sound Detective

Time Warp Trio - Sound Detective

A flash game based using sound as the learning element, for Time Warp Trio. It’s fun, and some pretty “interesting” sounds.

Rx for Survival: Preview Site

rx for survial preview image

Rx for Survival — A Global Health Challenge It’s really truly beautiful site created with CSS...

Sugihara: Conspiracy of Kindness

Sugihara Timeline

A small site that I had helped with the CSS and Flash timeline.

Cooking Under Fire

Cooking Under Fire

Coded this small site for a reality cooking show on PBS. Who do you think wil get 86d?

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