6 May 2008

HealthAngle: The Power of the Patient's Story

In my limited spare time I have been helping create a website that helps people decrease stress associated with medical procedures and surgery.

It’s been good fun, although giving up my spare time has been hard. No one loves their free time more than me. If anyone is taking note I haven’t posted that much in recent times.

I think there is great potential in reading personal stories of others to help see an operation from real people. What’s even more impressive is that every story is reviewed before it’s posted. In this day of Web 2.0 world that is is very hard to find.

Todd did a really superb job with the design and I implemented using LAMP, and was “fun” building this from the ground up. It’s 100% XHTML Strict and efficiently uses CSS. It’s been a long process, and design changes have caused the CSS to not be as clean as I would want it, so I will go back over and clean that up. In addition I used excellent mootools for allot of the heavy javascript lifting.

Enjoy …

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