Healthy Sleep: Sceen shot
4 February 2008

Healthy Sleep - Harvard University

Built this site for Havard, using XHTML Strict, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, MySQL, and PHP.

Sleep takes up a third of our lives, yet we take it for granted.

The entire site is valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, 100% CSS, and has unobtrusive JavaScript for tabs and animation. A few features like the timeline and the sleep lap were built with Flash using ActionScript 2.0 and XML to update.

The site also has allot of media which I compressed and optimized for optimal experience on the web.

There are a few flash features like:
Historical and Cultural Perspectives of Sleep
Sleep Lab

This is a dynamic site and editorial staff can change all aspects of the site using a CMS built from scratch for the project, using PHP and MySQL.

Site is built with accessibility and SEO in mind.

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Site has been moved is no longer being updated. Please head over to for new content