Photo A Day
6 August 2010

Photo A Day

I have always wanted a photo site of the day, and wanted to try some new things out.

My new interest is photography, and posting pictures here didn’t seem to do it justice. Last week I decided to create a photo site of the day.

Photo A Day

My goals where to make it simple, elegant, promote my or friends photography, have fun, and learn in the process.


Wanted to flex my design skills, as I am really a programmer at heart. I started with nothing and just coded … and tweaked the design as I went along. Design, check!


I keep hearing Flash is dead, but I actually wanted a Flash website … allot you will be like why etc… blah blah blah … the fact of the matter is that flash is not dead. It may evolve and be used in other ways that are not video, but flash has only pushed the web and html5 to where we are today. i am not turning my back on that. could i have done this in javascript … maybe … but that was not my goal. Flash, check!


I wanted try out was LoaderMax and all I can tell you it’s awesome. It’s from the same guy who does TweenLite which I would never survive in life without. LoaderMax, check!


Everyone hates flash websites that you can’t use your back/forward buttons and be bookmarkable … swfaddress solves that for you. SWFAddress, check!


i wanted it to be XML driven. check!


Another goal was to make this site fully searchable. I created a basic HTML version and it uses the same XML used to create the flash website. this is the way things should be done. SEO, check!


My XSL knowledge was less going into this … but I used it extensively for not only the SEO/HTML website, but also to do the rss and atom feeds. I even used it for a google site map. XSL, check!


this was the main goal … to take, promote photograph. Photography, check!

have fun

i worked for myself … and as geeky as it sounds i had fun doing it. Fun, check!

I really hope people will enjoy my photo a day wensite.


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