HTML5, yes you can, but should you...

I have not really said anything about the subject, just because I am mosty answering to a bunch of ignorant people. Instead of arguing, and debating, I thought I would finally just share my thoughts here. - Virgin Mobile

A cool little site for Virgin Mobile, where you can build your own ginger head.

Sort XML by Attribute in Actionscript 3

I love working with E4X, but I wish there was an easy way to sort an XML based on an attribute.

Refrigerator Magnets with CSS + JavaScript

magnet header

Create refrigerator magnets with css + javascript.

Google Track outbound links automatically

Google Analytucs graph

As many people are aware, you can track outbound links in google analytics manually, but what about some unobtrusive code…

Cross Browser Cookies with Flash

Is it possible to have cross browser cookies, in JavaScript? Unfortunately each browser stores this in their own cookie data.

Referral spam... does it really work?

referral spam header

Referral spammers use this to put fake referrers to drive traffic back to their site. It’s annoying, but seriously, is it effective??

Google map does buildings !!

Google maps show buildings ...

I never really noticed this before, but out of the blue I was looking at a map of harvard square and noticed that it has all the buildings labeled in map view. That’s impressive !!

Google Street View and Boston

Google street view boston

Oh when oh when is it coming …

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