Dreamhost + GMail logo

Dreamhost + GMAIL not playing nicely

There seems to be a huge problem with Dreamhost forwarding to GMAIL … something like 4 to 5 days LATE !!

Determine if Firebug running...

Firebug is known to make Gmail slow unless.

So I finally got the new gmail for a few weeks now and I love it. Preloading makes life a little faster … but it warns me about firebug … How did it know?

Image Wrapper (PHP)

gecko on wall

On a project I wanted users to upload image outside of the web tree (for an added level of security) and then have them be able to show them on a web page. So I had to write a simple PHP wrapper.

Code to Content Ratio

Code to Content Ratio

What is the world coming to … when there is much more code than content on any page. And this does not even take into account that there linked styled sheets and JavaScript … soo sad …

iMac: Strange Ethernet Issue

iMac Intel based

After fighting with Comcast (that’s a whole other story)… but there seems to be strange behavior with the new Intel iMac’s ethernet port…

My first Jackass of the week: Steve Jobs

My first Jackass of the week: Steve Jobs

I submit that the Jackass of this week the day is “Steve Jobs”

Apple Cuts iPhone Price to $399

Apple Cuts iPhone Price to $399

What a way for Apple to say F&^# YOU to all the people who jumped on the bandwagon making the phone as popular as it is …

Wordpress can't handle the pressure ?

WordPress > Error

I went to sites today that don’t seem to be able handle the load of being dugg ? Is it Wordpress or the hosting companies or some bad configuration?

Should you underline links?

Should you underline links?

I have been faced with this question over and over. More old school thinkers feel users are dumb and need to be hand held and all links need to be underlined…

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