3 August 2007

Google Web History

Wow … did I sign up for this? I don’t ever remember telling them to keep track of this…

So I am coming to the ball game late, and when I saw the link New! View and manage your web history I was pretty excited … thinking how cool is that …

Then the shock … holy cow they have been tracking along time.

After my initial horror … I started going around and it really is truly very intuitive, you can remove stuff that you don’t want to be there. Then I re-discovered things that I found once upon a time that I found useful or cool…

So this is really tremendous tool and potentially VERY very useful the uses are endless … SO I HAVE TURNED IT OFF

Google Web History


yeah I’ve been using the history since last year. iwas paranoid at first but I got the jist of it eventually. its not bad, its like a personal google webblog


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