20 September 2007

Code to Content Ratio

What is the world coming to … when there is much more code than content on any page. And this does not even take into account that there linked styled sheets and JavaScript … soo sad …

More code than content? That’s where we are? That’s so bad… I am a pretty bad offender, but at 33% for home, and 43% for internal page, I don’t feel so bad seeing what else is out there.

what is your percentage?

Here is a little simple tool I created to help you see where you are » ratio.nuff-respec.com

it’s really sad!

In this world of CSS, that almost everyone has more code than content.

da source

If demand is there … i will write detail explanation of the source, but it is well commented and a basic novice should find it relatively easy to install on your own …



Ouch, 23% :(

David Cumps

I got these results for the frontpage:
Total content size (no images): 5.22Kb
Total size: 24.91Kb
Ratio: 20.95%

Time to cut some moe fat off. Why the results for ala differ so much for front and permlink page ?

The Idea is great, big players will have the chance to feel offended, according to the numbers.

regards, marios


out of the 400 sites – what did you use to determine this links are of the same category ?

keyword maybe ? please explain

aron yu

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