iMac Intel based
14 September 2007

iMac: Strange Ethernet Issue

After fighting with Comcast (that’s a whole other story)… but there seems to be strange behavior with the new Intel iMac’s ethernet port…

I was trying to connect the iMac directly to the cable modem provided by Comcast, and every time it got a self assigned ip address (169.254.xx.xx) … I was convinced it was the modem…

For kicks I just decided to connect my MacBook directly to the modem … and voila worked like a charm.


I could only come to the conclusion that the Ethernet port was bad. Seems reasonable. Time to use Applecare… but, before for kicks, let’s set up my router and connect iMac to Ethernet port on the router… and voila… works like a charm !!

So now, WTF

I know for certain my MacBook has auto-crossover capabilities, and supposedly so does the iMac. So maybe, just maybe, the modem needs a crossover cable. Dug one up and plugged that into modem … still no go … Then, I plugged crossover cable to router and iMac, and that worked?? So iMac does have auto crossover …

Can anyone tell me WTF is going on???


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