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21 February 2008

Referral spam... does it really work?

Referral spammers use this to put fake referrers to drive traffic back to their site. It’s annoying, but seriously, is it effective??

So … YES … I have been caught and followed one of these links, but as soon as I got there a few things happens:

1. I immediately know it’s bogus and I close it
2. I immediately view source and check for the link

Either way they may have gotten money for an add impression, although adblock plus is pretty damn good. Seriously though I see these things allot, and I click on probably 1% of them. These referral spams or from obvious fake urls.

So is it really worth it? I assume most bloggers or people who look on stats in any sensible way is sensible enough to figure out what is real from what is not. And even if they do click it, it’s far and few between.

Maybe I am wrong and there are allot of people clicking these links … and therefore it may be working … i just can’t imagine that’s the case … Then again with all the v!@gra email I keep getting in my spam filter ( which I can’t believe people click those either ) … people must be going there.

For me it’s more annoying … so stop it … and if it’s working then people who are clicking these links … please stop …



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