16 May 2007

Reset Reloaded

I have been using this technique since ’94 when i discovered it from at global white space reset | left justified but since then seems like there have been more advances … maybe it’s about time i upgrade…

my current reset…

/* -- initialize base -- */
*, td, img	{
	margin : 0; 
	padding : 0;
img { 
	border: 0; 
form, fieldset	{
	font: 100%/120% verdana, arial, sans-serif
p {
	padding: 0;
	margin: 0 0 1em 0
form label {
	cursor: pointer
fieldset {
	border: none
input, select, textarea {
	font-size: 100%

I have really not have any problem with this, but after recently reading reset reloaded: meyer i realize that there have been significant thought in a global reset css file… but i am not sure i am ready to make the switch … but it great to see so much thought that has gone into it…

problem with global reset…

My problem with global reset in general is that really and truly you have removed all styles… Doesn’t sound bad … but not all defaults are bad. Global reset makes coding easier because it takes away the guess work. The question I have is …

If the global reset takes away all styles and you have to individually style all subsequent containers, why do it in the first place?

Anyway I don’t have the answer and it does make my life easier, but I sickly love css … I would guess that the defaults will be fine for most people and maybe not recommended.

Eric reset file is really a work of art and much more of a guru than i will ever be, but there is one part of the reset reloaded i don’t agree with .. it’s the

/* -- from reset reloaded-- */
ol, ul {
	list-style: none;

I think by default a list wants the default bullets and in the css worlds we have taken list to a whole new level, and only when we are doing things with list that was never originally intended, then only then should we alter the behavior.

Anyways don’t think I recommending against it … just take the time to understand it … and maybe you really don’t need it all…

What I would love to see is a global reset file that allows you to just code without even thinking about css … and yet still have a perfectly functional good looking site … I started this but haven’t had time to follow thru…


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