16 July 2007

Routing on Google Maps !!

Google never seems to amaze me … and so much stuff they do under the radar… Say you wanted to go somewhere and want to make a stop in between… you would use maps.google.com and map two separate request … NOT

So here is my fictitious route … I wanted to go from Harvard Square to Nashua for golf … but i needed to stop some where in Stoneham… so first i did a map of original destination …

original search ( view on google maps » )

Maps google search

Damn it doesn’t go close to where I want to go …

google rescues me

So I wanted drag the lines around … So i picked a close point and dragged that to my intermediate destination … *AMAZING… it did it … was I the only one that didn’t know about this? As you drag it reroutes (i thought this was some serious computation and couldn’t happen this fast!!) … it tells you miles and streets … you could create tons of these things … and even your end and start destinations are draggable …

with routing ( view new google map result !! » )

New routing on google maps!!!

This is some amazing stuff ….


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