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redesigned - version 4 !

Decided that while I loved the old site, there were certain things I wanted to change.

Happy New Year 2008 !!

Ball in car

December was a blur … and a hectic time so I have had not time to even breath yet alone post anything …

Let the D40 Photos begin ...

Ok … basically just taking and taking until I learn …

Nikon D40

Nikon D40 body

I have been looking on DSLRs for the past few weeks, and finally settled on this sucker…

Back from Jamaica

Jamaica scenery

Went home for a week plus for my sisters wedding and lived life as a tourist in Jamaica for allot of the trip… so I haven’t posted in awhile…

Wonderful World shadow puppet

shadow pupper

This is so freaking AWESOME … amazing skill… and humor in there …

Love at first site. Not mutual!

Love at first site.  Not mutual!

Six-Word Stories. Now here are stories that my minimal intellect can keep up with !

Girly Man!!!

THRILLER Indian style

OMG … how do you make Indian Thriller even funnier … ROTFL !!!

Is there a new MacBook coming out?

Is there a new MacBook coming out?

This weekend I forgot my power cord in Hampton Inn. I discovered my mistake 5 hours after checkout. No one is in the room yet the morons couldn’t “break” the rules and let me go get it. Subsequently when they finally looked it wasn’t there …

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