Jamaica scenery
26 November 2007

Back from Jamaica

Went home for a week plus for my sisters wedding and lived life as a tourist in Jamaica for allot of the trip… so I haven’t posted in awhile…

Jamaica is home and I know it’s a great place, but I always view it as just home … A majority of my vacation time has been used to go home …

For the first time in a long time I went there and spent most of it in my mind as tourist mode … and it was great !! It was hectic and I did allot and really didn’t get in touch with as many people as I should have but other that it as SUPERB

The one negative aspect is the people hassling tourist … I can pull out the PATOIS as needed and basically ignore them and they don’t bother me … but how i see them pound tourist is really ashame … We should really do a better job of curbing this behavior especially in public beaches, like Ocho Rios … I actually spoke to some who were terrified …

Still … I love my country and you should too !!


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