8 December 2014

dbulli.com launched, bye bye nuff-respec.com

This website has not been updated in a very long time, and my writing this blog post kind reminds me why. Editing in textpattern with textile really sucks. dbulli.com is where I plan to put future posts.

I am not sure what the current plan for this site is, as I still do love the name. There are some good posts that may help people, and some that are just plain old that no longer has any relevance. I think as time allows I will sift through the junk, and port over to the new site.

This site was last re-designed in February 2008. Since then not many posts has happened. Turning over a new leaf and hopefully things will change.

Signing off…


Site has been moved

nuff-respec.com is no longer being updated. Please head over to dbulli.com for new content