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6 May 2008

India, engaged, laser surgery, new job ...

We are only in the 5th month of 2008 … and I already feel that so much has occurred in my life.

Since I haven’t posted anything technical in the last few months I thought I would give a run down of 2008 so far … At this pace who knows what will happen by the end of the year.

The year started out well, and I went to India in January. Where I spent 2+ weeks.. It was superb and everyone should go. It especially good for since my grass roots Indian, and my culture is completely loss. Everyone thinks I am from India … so I meshed in quite well. Now all I have to do is learn some Hindi, besides how to swear.

I stayed in Bombay for the most part, but also went to Alibaug and Goa. Talk about 3 very different places, 1 hour apart. Bombay crowded and lively … Alibaug peaceful and quiet … and Goa was like tourist central. All had there own things to offer… and loved each and every one. The most “fun” was rick shaw and cabs … once you get over fearing for your like … it was great !

India was a dual or even triple or even quadruple purpose. Covered the vacation part. The next part was I officially got engaged … the poor girl … and had a party there. Next i had laser eye surgery . Which was a walk in the park… but I must say a scary endeavor. The last was I went for friend’s wedding . Indian weddings are just extravagant … but so much culture so much fun.

So that was the India part. Another one of New Years resolution was to find a new job … and when I got back I looked around and landed a great position at BEAM . It’s pretty hard to leave somewhere you have worked for ages, but any move is a Stimuls for growth…

That’s it … oh yeah I bought a new Driver, and golf clubs … and still shooting horribly in golf … maybe I should invest in lessons instead ;) !


Hello Sir!

Congratulations on all of your 5 mths of accomplishments. That all sounds exciting. You are right…poor girl. You look happy. I am glad to see somebody in our family has a life. :) Take care of yourself and wifee. Say hi for me.

Mel…Kay…whatever it is you call me.


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