5 June 2008

Inspection Sticker ticket TWICE, Brighton, MA

“… I made my inspection sticker expire. It was an honest mistake, thank you for the reminder …”

Dear Parking Cop,

I am really sorry, I made my inspection sticker expire. It was an honest mistake. With the high cost of gas I am using public transportation.

I really thank you for giving me a ticket on Tuesday. I imagine how unsafe my car must be on the road parked. And all that emission that a parked car emits, must be a killer on the environment. After all it’s a 3yo car, I imagine how bad it must be, it’s ancient. I am really sorry.

Well, working a full time job, I decided to get it done this weekend. After all it’s really hurting the environment.

I must say that was truly impressed at your persistent nature, and your goodwill, just in case I missed the ticket on Tuesday, you gave me another reminder today (Thursday). I understand that I left the old ticket on the car, just to give you a reminder, so I understand how you may have misunderstood this gesture. Thank you, even though I didn’t miss your first note, I appreciate your extra effort and care you seem to be taking in saving the world.

Again I am sorry, it was really an honest mistake. I am also sorry that you are obviously not getting laid, and I am also sorry that you didn’t make it as a real cop, it must really suck…

Now I basically saved no money this month on gas… you A$$HOLE…



hey dude follow all dem crazy rules and those ticket f0ckers can’t touch you.

sime in somerville

Sticker violations are now considered moving violations and thus will increase your insurance premiums.
Better contest it at a hearing.


How about just taking responsibility for not getting it done and blaming everyone else for your mistake. The law is the law and it is there for a reason. Just be a man and stop you damm whining God if more people took responsibility for their mistakes, this world would be a better place. You must be one of those who thinks you desreve our goverment to do everything fo you and give you everything istead of earning it.. Go to hell


Wow Pete … I didn’t know I was blaming anyone … I acknowledge it was a mistake, but hell a ticket in 2 days … fuc

If I was a betting man ... i would guess Pete is either related to one of these parking people (or one himself) ... or better yet, someone who is not getting laid...

If i sat on my ass and waited for the government i would be waiting for ever… but i do expect the government to do something… anything …

God? Why you praying to him … if people would stop asking God for help and do things their damn self … we would be a much better place …

And I hate to tell you … spoiler alert … there is no Hell!!!

Daniel Bulli2

Ok Danny
I am not one of them or related to one.
I am getting laid and quite frequently to, thank you very much.

I expect my government to do something to but I am not expecting them to bail me out when I sink myself financially, and God? I do pray but not for help I can figure it out on my own and have been for 48 years.

I don’t know if there is a hell or not But if you have definite proof whether it exist either way I would love to see it.

If I had to guess in the up and coming election in fact I would bet on it, you’re an Obama follower, but I could be wrong and am not perfect.

I do know that I would have paid attention to that detail about my inspection sticker and do pay attention to those details. Yes I take public transportation and leave my car at home and use it only on the weekends. So to me it still sounds like your not taking responsibility for getting the ticket. Twice in one week I will agree with you on that, once should have been enough


Lol … touche… good thing I am not a betting man … and good for you … i mean really good!

When I die, I am certain I would find out whether or not hell exist, but I have a funny feeling I will just be in a coffin … maybe i luckily reincarnate as an earthworm… I not an Atheist, but can’t say I pray to God … there are just too many religions to say one or another is right … but praying is good …

Ahh the government … there really is not enough to say … if they can bailout (possibly) $700 billion for the rich … surely they can help a brother out.

I am not really in to politics, BUT if I were I would definitely vote Obama, but that is more of a not voting for a McCain or “God” forbid a Palin…

Inspection sticker is unfortunately a minor detail I must admit that I do not keep a track of, especially when not using my car. I probably deserved the first … but this was more satire aimed at the second one… Of all the things the police should be worrying about (crime???) … seems like they pay attention to the easy meaningless things in life to get some quick cash… Don’t even get me started on street cleaning … every time I see it pass by, I wonder what the hell that machine does … looks the same before and after … yet after they pass … they still tow the cars that were there … I mean I “understand” towing before the street “cleaner” goes by … but after seems like a ploy just to get some money …

Now how does one get to this article, without looking at the topic in question?

Daniel Bulli2

way to go Daniel {Danny). I know its not a funny situation, but still you got a chuckle here and I understood completely what you were saying, wondering if Pete is the ticket cop grin.


Ok Danny
I got off on my high horse and see your point.

Jewels, no I am not the ticket cop. It gets frustrating to hear people in this world always blaming someone else ( and I see that is not what Danny was doing) but be honest there is a large amount of our society out there that wants something for nothing and the people that do work hard for it and pay their taxes are the ones left holding the bill. So yes I got off on a tangent and Danny and I apologize

Oh yeah, Obama? please he’s not the answer and neither is McCain. So what do we do?

Not vote or vote? That is the question and who will serve this country better



pete glad to see you come down from your high horse ;)… sorry to come down on you … i maybe got a little too defensive …

all good … was a fun exchange … i like arguing …

Daniel Bulli2

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