3 October 2007

Is there a new MacBook coming out?

This weekend I forgot my power cord in Hampton Inn. I discovered my mistake 5 hours after checkout. No one is in the room yet the morons couldn’t “break” the rules and let me go get it. Subsequently when they finally looked it wasn’t there …

So that is a $80 mistake … $80 freaking dollars for a power cord. But what do I do … I am idiot, but shit this power cord is expensive.

So I sucked it up went to Apple Store … they had every power cord but that one. Then I went to Best Buy … they were also out … then I went to MicroCenter. They also had none … I asked and sales rep said Apple has not sent them any new power cords in OVER 1 MONTH

Sounds fishy to me … all in all ARGHHHH … i need power now !


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