Nikon D40 body
4 December 2007

Nikon D40

I have been looking on DSLRs for the past few weeks, and finally settled on this sucker…

This will be my first non point and shoot and I am pretty excited, yet somewhat intimidated. It will be a shame to purchase such an expensive set up and shoot in AUTO mode only …

So now I need to learn what all these settings really mean, but in the end … it will be me to capture the actual photo irregardless of the settings.


Now that I am back from vacation, I figured out a workaround. Basically if you close it back 1/2 way and then it pops open again, then it registers that it’s open. Well time to call Nikon warranty department. This sucks after 2 months and that I bought this camera specifically for this vacation!


Flash stopped working. UGH!! Basically it pops up but eveytime I press the shutter it tries to open it again. Basically it’s not registering that’s it’s already open and the Flash doesn’t work. Sucks when you are on vacation.


Ordered and now waiting

Nikon D40
18-55 Kit lens
55-200 VR lens


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