12 January 2009

Nikon D40 / Flash - Nikon Service Horror

The D40 takes great pictures, but without a Flash for a year, and sent the camera in 3 times already for same issue. I was actually refused, when asked for a manager !

When hit the button to take a picture, the camera flash, pops up, then when i take the picture, it makes the same “click” sound it made as if its still releasing it…

A year ago I got my Nikon D40 and while it takes great pictures… I have been stuck without a Flash for 1 year

I have sent this camera in 3 1/2 times for the same EXACT issue.

First time I got the camera back there was absolutely now change. They claimed to fix and service, but I think they only services the camera.

1/2 time I went through customer service and they promise me shipping labels that I never received… I actually waited 1 month …

Second time I sent camera in and it came back better. Doesn’t happen every time, but once you put the camera down for a couple of hours … problem re occurs …

Third time I wrote a DETAILED description of the problem, explaining everything. They were nice enough to return it over night … Only problem is that the problem still exists…

Fourth time Now I am awaiting shipping labels. They said write a note. I said I already wrote a note. I asked to speak to a manager and got refused … They said they will let the technician know the issue, so that it doesn’t happen again … I asked how is this different than the last time. Did they not tell the technician? Was he purposely suppose to not pay attention?

This is really @$%@ CRAZY … Why is this so hard? I even wrote customer service explaining all of this, and not even received a courtesy email. There is a workaround, but I spent allot of money on this. Even cars have lemon laws, and I was considering the D90 … maybe I should start thinking CANNON

This was a huge investment for me … UGH

i don’t seem to be the only one

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