1 September 2010

No drinks with a Massachusetts ID?

You can travel on a plane with a Massachusetts ID, but you can’t buy a drink in Boston? WTF!

To enter allot of bars in Boston/Massachusetts you need to obtain a Massachusetts Liquor ID . An ID, for people who can’t drive, with sole purpose to drink. Out of state licenses should be allowed, but I can kind of understand this, as it’s hard for them to keep track and verify the validity of such IDs. Doesn’t seem to bother the TSA or everywhere else?

Anyway … that’s dumb, but that’s not where I get upset. Why can’t you use a Massachusetts ID . All these IDs look the fucking same… They are all made by the RMV . You would think people would rather someone drinking with Massachusetts ID versus a Driver’s License… HELLO … they are not going to drive drunk!

“These two ID cards are official forms of identity, signature, and age that are accepted in the Commonwealth”

Apparently there is some state law (c.138, 34B ) that somehow protects bars for serving underage liquor to someone who used a liquor ID as a form of identification.

Thinking aloud, I figure that the requirements for a Massachusetts ID must be much less than a Massachusetts Liquor ID … So from the site I looked.

Massachusetts ID Requirements

Massachusetts Liquor ID Requirements


They are the fucking same! The only difference is that the Massachusetts ID you can get from when you are 16. 16yo can’t legally drink … So what you are telling me is the doofus bouncers/bars can’t look for a birth date on a ID card. Seems that can find it on a license… I mean I know they are always not the smartest people in the world… but even I have faith in them carrying out such a task.


Fine its a dumb fucking rule. Live with it? But, to get a Liquor ID, you need to provide proof of signature, and birth, and guess what, you can use your Massachusetts ID! WTF!!

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