Old site
4 February 2008

redesigned - version 4 !

Decided that while I loved the old site, there were certain things I wanted to change.

This is still a work in progress

I wanted a larger image, widen the area for content, put more focus on content, and make index pages a little more lively.

I will update this with specific changes once it’s done, but I thought I would do a live site redesign. The last redesign was done in november 2006.

the history

version 1 of homepage ».
version 2 of homepage ».
version 3 of homepage ».


One of the finest TXP sites out there. Your last version was very tight and this can only be an improvement. I’ll keep checking back. I like how you incorporate the Photos into all parts of th site.


Site has been moved

nuff-respec.com is no longer being updated. Please head over to dbulli.com for new content